Lynley had a long marriage that ended like too many do… broken trust, broken heart, you get the picture. Not long later, Lynley found the man of her dreams (Jack Kroft) at a business meeting. They soon ditched the business and began their own life adventure, a marriage based on 24/7 association with each other.  Lynley and her hero Jack are shining examples of imperfect people striving for a perfect relationship.

By the way, perfect doesn’t mean sans conflict. Lynley and Jack are terrifically different, yet magically similar. Nothing about them is predictable. Jack’s crass, crude and irreverent honesty bears a haunting charm and “irresistibility” that keeps Lynley laughing and stringing Jack along. Jack, like a puppy dog, comes back for more of Lynley’s “cinnamon and honey” with his “pee and vinegar” attitude. Together, they make the most remarkable recipe for a marriage that won’t give up, give in, or give out. Devote yourself to reading their blog and find yourself in an irresistible marriage you won’t trade for nothin’, nohow, no way, no-sir-ee!

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