Hello, We’re back! Jack and I have been busy the last 2 months: working part-time jobs, travelling to Colorado to visit Lynley’s daughter (& son in law) and John’s brother and his family.(See our YouTube channel: TwentyfoursevenMarriage for our travel vlogging, etc.) and enjoying the great outdoors with family, etc. Oh yeah! I clean our house, too.  Also we just finished creating a new website featuring Jack’s artistic designs on t-shirts. (Visit to order your specialty designed t-shirt just in time for the Holiday Season!)


Thanks for patiently waiting for us. We both have jobs at a locally owned grocery store. Jack works on truck days. One night a week,  Jack also stocks the shelves and checks for expired dates. Lynley works there also: as a cashier & checks for expired dates, too.

We also work together as banquet servers.

Our newest job is seasonal. We are  working on the Polar Express train through the Christmas season. Now, do you understand why we have been so busy?


Jack and I are eating healthier and getting rid of  (or limiting) sugars, glutens, in our bodies & in our home.(Watch our YouTube channel where I am throwing out all the junk food in our home.) Also I am getting rid of chemicals in our home. Pinterest and I have become great friends. I started making DIY:  Laundry Soap, toothpaste (using equal parts of baking soda & coconut oil and a few drops of water to make it paste like), body wash, dish-washing detergent and dish soap, and shampoo. Most of these recipes use Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap.  Castile Soap is wonderful. A little expensive but since you use it for all-natural cleaning, why not? I don’t have any essential oils, but because Dr. Bronner’s makes so many wonderful scents, I haven’t had to add essential oils to my natural products yet. (I have used Dr Bronner’s  Lavender and Tea Tree Castile Soap.) No need to add essential oils if Dr Bronner adds them to my Castile soap recipes and makes my cleaners smell so good! Right?



Jack and I love spending time with International students that come to study at our local university. We have “adopted” several students through the International Friends program.

We have taught them to drive, play American games like: Uno, Dominoes, etc., shared meals with them at restaurants, their apartment or at our house.

We shared “A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner” at one of the Student Centers gymnasium on campus this week and meet students from: Germany, Iceland, China, Switzerland, Mexico, South France, and many other countries; packed into the gym. So many international students and their host families; that they ran out of seating and turkey. But the food was delicious and we enjoyed learning about other cultures.

Some Chinese students and students from other countries are planning to visit our home for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.


Well, now that we have caught you up on our lives…tell us what you have been doing during the last few months. Comment below. Also check out the links and our YouTube channel; like, share,like-and-share comment, subscribe,subscribe, etc.

We  heart  you. We will try not to wait another couple of months to post.

Maybe once a week or more might be better.


BY LYNLEY KROFTturkey                            nativity

NOTE: Links not related to sites Jack & I have created, are just suggestions; not where I recommend (or don’t recommend) you purchase or use the information. I have just linked them for ease of what products or other blogs, etc., I am referring to.


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