Toxic Topic

TOXINS PERMEATE our bodies. Why? Processed foods. Not enough sunshine and exercise. The toxins of life can catch up to our health.

Maybe you’re ready for a good flush of the old toxins. (It’s OK; it won’t ruin your fun!)

Even if you feel okie dokey,  but wanna check your toxin levels, I, Lynley, have a few suggestions ! I thumbed through a copy of Organic Life magazine at my local library today. On page 35 of the September/October 2016 edition, I paused on an article called “The Organic Detox.”

You can check it out for yourself, but here’s the gist: Studies show sweat contains traces of heavy metals (I had to explain to Jack that isn’t a reference to his ’80s long hair music!) I’m talking such bad boys as: Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury (kinda like Earth, Wind, and Fire with more of an after-burn!)

Jack wanted you to know he thinks Arsenic, Lead and Mercury could make the list of possible heavy metal band names.

I’ll leave Jack to his head banging and get back to the toxic topic…

Trust me, you don’t have to sweat the sweat stuff. No need to chill under the A/C 24/7 for for fear of perspiring. Your perspiration contains only TRACES of the metals. The best approach? Drink water. And then drink some more. A well-hydrated body during a workout (yes, I used the W word) can help you sweat out the bad stuff.Working out and sweating a couple times a week is actually a good thing, and can bring your toxins down to 1 or 2 percent.

What if you ignore the whole thing? Isn’t de-toxing the job of your kidneys, liver and lymph nodes? (A less appealing list when it comes to naming heavy metal bands, by the way!)

Yes, but like a dirty filter in the ducts of your home causes less efficiency, cluttering up your body with toxins slows the effectiveness of your hard working innards.

According to the article I read, you gotta eat the right stuff.


When you eat the right stuff, your body fights off toxins like superman fights crime.

1 Cup baby spinach

1 tablespoon olive oil

Sprinkle with salt and garlic powder

Bake at 375-degrees F for 7-10 minutes




Nothing makes toxins quake in their little boots like Big, Bad Vitamin C… to the rescue! By the way, humans cannot produce Vitamin C on their own.

Add 9.3 mg of Vitamin C to a cup of hot water and the juice from half a lemon before bedtime.



Practice controlled breathing morning and evening during your commute. It may even decrease road rage!




Garlic, Water, Tea

WHEN JACK was on his honeymoon the first time (to the first wife) he flew Air New Zealand. During the long flight over the Pacific, the airline attendant, in her New Zealand accent, asked each passenger, “Coffee, tea, milk?” which sounded like KAWfee, Tea, Meeuk?

In this article, the final big three helpers to de-toxification are: Garlic, Water, and Tea.

GARLIC contains 39 agents to fight off fungi, bacteria, parasites, and viruses. One of two cloves of raw minced garlic per day should do it. If you want to have a social life without the odor, try the odorless variety in capsule form (garlic oil) from your health food store.

WATER 8-10 glasses per day. You’ll pee less as your body gets used to the proper dose. Kidneys have to have water to do their job. Not coffee. Not soda.

TEA time! Green, black, or oolong please. They come from the same plant. Note: withered and steamed leaves is much preferable to the pre packaged idea. A study revealed up to 80 percent increase in enzymes that defend against cancer and other toxins in those who ingest high levels of green tea.






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