Healthy Eating + Healthy Marriage = Happy Wife!!

The best way to have a healthy “Twenty Four Seven Marriage” is to have a healthy palate!

I, Lynley, have been reading a lot about healthy eating and proper ways to digest your food for optimal healing of your body. Did you know your gallbladder and liver don’t have any teeth? Well, that’s why it is recommended to chew your food at least fifty times. That way your food can get out of your system faster. (Keeping it in your ‘lowers’ isn’t good for any of us). That way we can all get rid of those extra 10+ pounds we can’t ever seem to shed. Laura Prepon and Elizabeth Troy have published a book called “The Stash Plan”.

The Stash Plan

They talk about how to shed those last 10+ unwanted pounds by drinking organic grass-fed only broth. They have a 21-day plan for using your broth in many ways. I am only half way through the book (and had to renew it at my library). It is Chock-full of great information! I suggest you download your copy on your electronic device or Amazon. Borrow it from your local library or just go out and buy it.

Another great reference book for Healthy Eating is “Carol Alt and Healthy You” written by none other than the Supermodel turned talk show host… Carol Alt. She talks about eating RAW!! Raw veggies, raw fruit, raw fish, etc. If you must cook your food…cook it slowly in a skillet with Coconut Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) at the lowest heat possible.

I am trying to combine a little bit of each book to see if I can stick to their recommended menu for life. Diets and I don’t do well. I am a picky eater. Certain foods either don’t taste good or don’t agree with my stomach and my below or bowels, etc.

I will reveal more of my healthy eating habits and how well I am sticking to them in future posts.So have a healthy week, month, end of the year. Keep watching for future posts.

Please comment below on what diets or healthy eating do and don’t work for you. If you are a picky eater like me, tell me how you cope with certain foods. Also watch Twentyfoursevenmarriage on YouTube and subscribe, comment, like, etc. We want you to be our next subscriber.

Also I have a Facebook page: Lynley Kroft. and a page for Twenty Four Seven Marriage on FB. I am new to FB so I want lots of you to be my new friend!!


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