The Dumbest thing I do to my Wife

“Many men do stupid things, but you surpass them all.”

—Lynley Kroft (to Jack)

There is a Chapter in the Bible about  a Wife of Noble Character. Bonus points if you reply to this with the correct chapter. No, you won’t get a free trip to downtown Tulsa, or anything like that. Just a nice lil’ seat a the front of the virtual marriage class. Welcome, teacher’s pet.

I’m not Catholic, but here goes my True Confession (hope you like wearing your clerical collar! It looks nice on you, by the way…)

I am a self-admitted honesty freak. Yep, that’s my flaw. If I say something rude, or disrespectful, it’s because I feel that way down deep in my gut (the place where all the fat cells seem to party!)

Besides having too much fat cell party zone down there, my gut stores all the nasty, angry, hateful crapola that would make you put your parenting hands over your four-year-olds ears. Yeah, that lousy no-good, low-down foul language reserved for bad movies.

When I get angry, I vomit verbal venom on my lovely-dovely wife. She is my Matron of Honor, my Princess of Peace, and here I go, reguritating shit like a shit slinger. Yep, I said shit. Twice.Or was that three times… hmm…

AnyJack & Womenway, now that I have semi-offended half of you, and intrigued the rest of you beyond measure, I want you to know that honesty is STILL my ONLY policy with my wife. I love her too much to shield her from my damage. But, I also want to go a step beyond telling her the dirty when I get angry: I here and now promise, scouts honor, to tell the truth that I will cease and desist being a cursing cavernous creep… Yep. I purpose to lay off the language. If I don’t I have all of you (or both of you?) subscribers and readers to give me … well, something more polite than Heck…. OK? OK. Glad we had this talk.

Jack Kroft is a lunatic. He loves his Wife and she deserves better language out of his potty mouth. But, what are YOUR true husband (or wife) confessions? What things are getting in the way of YOUR marital bliss?  We are eagerly waiting for your comments!

Oh, by the way, remember those BONUS POINTS listed above!

Lynley and Jack are featured LIVE on their YouTube channel. We appreciate you helping us spread the word and gain new subscribers. But please, let us know how we can assist you!

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